It's the module that allows you to simplify and speed up the relationship between the fashion house and its supply chain.
  • It enables control of delivery times;
  • It optimizes the reactivity of the production chain allowing a quick response to new customer requests;
  • It allows the creation of phases and sub-phases not present in the ERP;
  • It allows the management of the identification of the garment for traceability and anti-counterfeiting purposes.
  • It allows you to manage documentation relating to the order and shipments.


Supply chain management

SCMX allows to manage the entire production process in a complete and integrated way, in the company, by the supplier or by the workers, monitoring the phases, progress and raw materials involved.

Some of the main advantages of using SCMX:

  • To have precise, historical and current data regarding production.
  • Handle the packaging from the supplier.
  • Centrally manage the work of all subcontractors / suppliers and sub-suppliers.
  • Publish in context all the documentation necessary for the productive phenomenon



ACX is the solution for traceability, product authentication and real-time verification of the life of the garment, based on various identification technologies (radio frequency recognition (RFID), proximity communication (NFC), QR Code etc. ) allows you to verify the authenticity of the garments simply by reading the contents of the label.

It allows for the customer who has just bought the item to connect with the parent company and receive real-time answers on the originality of the garment, on the production history of what he has purchased, up to the management of the guarantee and integration with social networks.

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