Logistics Management

Suite of products that allow you to better manage logistic activities in the fashion sector.

Kyklos Fashion Suite products for logistics allow you to verify the traceability of the product within the supply chain also using RFID and NFC technologies.


Warehouse management system

WMX is the warehouse department created to cover the needs that are difficult to manage through traditional systems, due to cost problems, technological difficulties, or start-up complexity.

Integrated with SCMX, the Kyklos Supply Chain automation system, WMX allows the management and handling of the raw materials involved during the entire production cycle.

Integrated with QualityX, Kyklos quality control management system, it allows the logistic management of the goods in charge of the QC.

The benefits of using WMX:

  • Allow the implementation of a new warehouse in a very short time wherever internet access or UMTS coverage is available
  • Reduce hardware costs by allowing the use of very cheap, often pre-existing equipment
  • Manage in a single installation templates of different documents that can be selected thanks to rules that can be defined by the user during the configuration phase
  • Define even complex warehouse mappings
  • Manage bookings and visions with a schedule of goods from third parties
  • Manage multi-company and multi-warehouse structures
  • Manage warehouses for goods in transit


The system for the management of historical archives aimed at the fashion and luxury sector

Many companies perceive the important link between their history and the near future, understanding the potential competitive advantage that derives from the proper enhancement of their historical heritage.

PRST allows you to organize and digitize the historical archive, which often, despite having a large amount of products, prototypes and materials made over the years, is not managed in a rational and optimized way.

The purpose of creating the historical fashion archive is to preserve its historical memory and at the same time to increase its intrinsic value through a work of enhancing its archival heritage.

It is also a treasure from which to draw inspiration for the activity of creating new products and facilitate the activity of creatives.

The digital preservation of the historical archive allows not only to safeguard the content, but also to manage and catalog it and thus make it a useful resource for the development of new collections, creation and production of cultural events with the aim of enhancing the brand.

PRST also allows you to manage the loans of the goods in the archive in order to ensure conservation.


Manual System Sorting

MSSX, integrated with the WMX solution, is a manual picking system in which each location is equipped with an electronic device equipped with a button and high luminescence LEDs that indicate to the warehouse employee where to deposit the goods.

MSSX exploits RFID technologies to allow the operator to work easily (the system guides the user with the lights), quickly (the operator can carry out the activity hands-free) and with accuracy (no errors due to the use of mobile devices) in deposit activities.


The most important features of MSSX are:

  • Flexible and easily expandable sorting system
  • 4 simultaneous operators with light guide and possibility to add other operators guided by mobile APP
  • Easy to use (operators are guided through easily interpretable light signals or by mobile APP)
  • Automatic sorting operations
  • Possibility to manage: hanging garments, hanging articles, bulky and non-bulky articles
  • Automatic sorting operations
  • Ideal for products such as: clothing, accessories, books, toys, bags, shoes, electronics etc.
  • Optimization of daily picking and shipping operations.
  • Efficient use of Economic space

In MSSX, luminous devices instruct the operator where to deposit the goods, allowing efficient picking from large quantities stored. The operator reads the barcode of each product and luminous displays indicate which container to insert. Confirmed entries are updated in real time to System registrations: Industries that typically use this system include retail, clothing, food, electronics, toys, sporting goods, and personal care items.

MSSX, which can be integrated with any WMS, compared to a traditional Put to Light system, is an economical system suitable for situations where there are many references and where high sorting performance is required.

For the OUTPUT (Order Shipping) process the main steps are:

  1. The WMS uses a “batch picking” type logic, that is, the operator assembles multiple orders and for each mission picks, of a given reference, the overall quota of all orders
  2. The WMS then generates a sorting BATCH
  3. The WMS notifies MSSX that it has started the picking operations and the latter begins to collect the sorting information relating to the batch
  4. The MSSX operator selects one of the available sorting batches and decides whether to associate one or more operators to the batch (for example BATCH-A to operator-Red while BATCH-B to operator-Yellow and operator-Green and BATCH-C to operator -Blue)
  5. The system identifies the operators through the colored bracelet through the RFID tag they wear. Each time they pass one of the items assigned to them on the reader (barcode or RFID), MSSX simultaneously reads the RFID worn by the operator and turns on the relative location LED of the same color as the bracelet. In this way, the system allows you to position the item in the correct location
  6. Subsequently MSSX informs the WMS that the destination location has reached the required quantity of items. The WMS then prints the label that identifies the shipping package. The package label is treated as a normal item (point 4) by the operators
  7. The box is removed from the location and then becomes available “

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