Quality Control

Application specialized in the optimization and management of the entire quality control process, in the company, by suppliers or in specialized centers.
  • Ability to manage the process for Raw Materials, Semi-finished and Finished Products;
  • It optimizes the performances of the “quality control” department through the management of controls and samples in a dynamic way;
  • It manages quality controls for the inspectors in control centers, also in outsourcing;
  • It optimizes the sampling logics;
  • It allows to obtain the data related to the quality “before sales” and “after sales”;
  • It helps to bring back to the company the control and the management of the quality policies;
  • It monitors the level of performance of the suppliers through the collected data.


Quality management system

QUALITYX responds to all the problems concerning the management of the quality control and certification process for raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products.

It allows the distribution of control activities on different sites and involves the use of structured organizations or individual inspectors. It allows you to freely define the rules for the dynamic management of samples and controls.

The benefits of using QUALITYX:

  • Monitor the quality level of suppliers
  • Optimize the performance of the “quality control” department by dynamically managing controls and samples
  • Have timely, historical and current data regarding quality
  • Optimize the sampling logic
  • Have a tool to support decisions
  • Centralized but decentralized management of the control process
  • Have a system that can be easily integrated with PDM, ERP and WMS
  • It offers collaboration tools to ensure operational interconnection
  • It has a Document library for the publication and contextualization of any type of documentation (data sheet, photos, videos, emails, documents)

Support of different decision-making roles:

QUALITYX supports hierarchical decision-making roles to manage the escalation of a problem according to predetermined procedures. This functionality allows quality management even in complex and diversified structures.

QUALITYX therefore allows to involve, from the simple operator up to top-management, in order to manage operations in a simple way such as: the definition of the final outcome, the possible sending for reconditioning, or the issuance of a claim.

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