Kyklos Fashion Suite

It is the modular and integrated system that allows to build customized organizational processes.

Supply Chain

It is the module that allows to simplify and speed up the relationship between the fashion house and its supply chain.

Returns Management

This solution allows companies to manage the entire return process from the request for authorization to the return and cashback.

Quality Control

Application specialized in the optimization and management of the entire quality control process, in the company, by suppliers or in specialized centers.

Logistics Management

Set of 3 solutions related to warehouse management and the historical archive of fashion companies.

Kyklos Fashion Suite was born from many years of experience in IT management of the passive cycle for the fashion and luxury industry.

Thanks to its modular structure, Kyklos Fashion Suite can be shaped on the specific needs of the client.

The solution was designed to be flexible and adaptable to the customer’s business processes even over time.

The basic modules allow the management of all the fundamental elements of the suite and their integration. The core (consisting of Kernel and Plogix) contains a series of features and entities designed to be highly parametric and usable in different operational contexts, while at the same time making the entire solution easily integrable with the various information systems in the company.

Kyklos Fashion Suite can already be integrated with the main specific ERPs in the sector such as: STEALTH 400 and 3000, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, SAP BO and other custom systems.

Kernel core modules

It is thanks to the Kernel that all Kyklos Fashion Suite applications are able to integrate perfectly with each other, allowing you to follow and adapt to organizational processes

Plogix Enterprise service bus

Plogix is a service capable of orchestrating synchronous and asynchronous communications and the exchange of data between heterogeneous systems, allowing the transformation and normalization of transit data

Kyklos is the ideal partner for software development and specific fashion apps for the fashion and luxury industry

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