Returns Management

This solution allows companies to create or import a list of items for which return authorization is required and to verify the actual adequacy of the goods allowing a punctual management of the Reverse Logistic process.
  • It allows the customer and customer service to guide the entry of a return request;
  • It agrees in advance (before shipment) the congruity of the request;
  • It manages all the documentation necessary for the shipment of goods;
  • It monitors the crossing times of each phase of the workflow;
  • It enables the creation of rule-dependent approval criteria.


Returns management system

RMX is a department specialized in the management of returns. It allows the customer or customer service to create or import a list of items for which a return authorization is required.

RMX allows you to verify the actual adequacy of the goods for which the return is requested, checking, where necessary, the correspondence with what is shipped to the customer and possibly with the quantities provided for in the existing commercial agreements, solving most of the critical issues at source.

RMX is the solution for the full process management of “Reverse Logistics”.

The configurability of the workflows allows the definition of operating procedures adhering to different needs.

The benefits of using RMX:

  • Allow the customer or customer service the guided entry of a return request
  • Check in advance (before shipping), the adequacy of the request
  • Manage in a simple way all the documentation necessary for the shipment of the goods
  • Monitor the lead times of each phase of the workflow
  • Allow creation of automatic and manual rule-dependent approval policies
  • Allow the advancement of some steps in an automated way according to events that occurred on other systems


Document sharing system

Kyklos Fashion Suite provides a powerful collaboration system, Document Library, which allows all the users involved in the process to share a whole range of information useful for the progress and management of the operational workflow.

The document sharing system is integrated within the suite and is therefore transversal to all Kyklos products, allowing you to change your operation based on the built process workflow.

In particular, the Document Library allows the sharing of electronic documents (such as Office files (docx, xlsx, pptx), images (jpg, gif, etc.), videos (Wmv, Avi, Mpg etc.) or audio (Mp3, Wma etc.)) and to manage read, modify and/or delete permissions on each user based on the user role.

Furthermore, the Document Library system is able to monitor whether or not the recipients of the document have read the information sent, if they have attached the requested document, etc.. In the event that the times provided for by the workflow are not respected, the system proceeds with the reminder, via e-mail, of the requested operations (such as updating, or reading a document).

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